Public Notices / Press Releases

Community Alerts: These notices are issued to inform the public about health and safety concerns, such as disease outbreaks, vaccinations, food recalls, product safety recalls, and public health advisories. Additionally, issuing notices relating to land use and development projects, public service announcements, burn bans, conserving water, water outages, advisories that ranges from traffic, boiling water, to drinking water, and other emergency alerts will also fall under community alerts or press releases.

Public Hearings: These notices will inform the public about upcoming townhall meetings where the community can provide their input or voice their concern on specific topic of interest.

Financial Notices: Budget information and financial statements relating to Plaquemines Parish financial reporting fall under financial notices.

Employment Notices: Job postings relating to Plaquemines Parish employment opportunities fall under employment notices. 

Government Procurement Notices: Government contracts, public bids, requests for proposals (RFPs), and other procurement related information fall under government procurement notices.