On November 13, 2021, Plaquemines residents will determine funding for essential services including recreation, EMS, and levees and drainage.

Plaqumeines Parish currently has the 5th lowest millage in the state. If all millages pass, Plaquemines Parish will have the 13th lowest millage statewide, leaving us firmly in the lower half of all parishes.  

Since 2010, Plaquemines Parish Government has reduced its workforce by 34% and 182 employees have terminated. The amount of man power has reduced, while the amount of services we provide have not. Plaquemines Parish Government has done more with less.

Learn more about what will happen without the adoption of these proposed millages by attending the town hall meetings, clicking on the recreation, EMS, and Levee tab, or clicking here to learn more about the millage election.

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