Living Conditions


Plaquemines Parish provides the perfect balance between urban and rural lifestyles. Its location within the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area enables residents to experience one of America’s most colorful cities. Yet the parish’s lower reaches provide a rural, country-like atmosphere with unlimited opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and recreational pursuits.


The geographical landscape of the parish varies. Urban communities like Belle Chasse, in the northern part of the parish, are considered part of the Metropolitan New Orleans area, while the long middle reaches of the parish consist primarily of agricultural lands dotted with small communities. Further south, saltwater marshes and estuaries form the rich delta of the Mississippi River.


The great diversity of the parish rewards its residents and visitors with perhaps the greatest range of amenities of all the parishes in the region. Within a single day, guests and residents of Plaquemines Parish can enjoy the "Sportsman’s Paradise" with vast opportunities for hunting, fishing and water sports. They can also partake in cuisine, entertainment, and ’all that jazz’ that makes New Orleans world famous.