Oil, Gas & Mineral


Any request to nominate Parish - owned property for a mineral lease or surface lease, to apply for a Pipeline R/W Agreement or to conduct Seismic operations will require a formal letter addressed to Plaquemines Parish Government, Mineral Office, as follows:

Plaquemines Parish Government
Mineral Office
333 F. Edward Hebert Boulevard Building 100
Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037
Attn: L. V. Cooley, IV, Special Assistant Parish Attorney

Application Fees

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 03-55, adopted April 10, 2003

Mineral Leases$100025% Minimum Royalty
Surface Leases$500Rentals (CPI Escalation clause)
Pipelines$500Rentals (CPI Escalation clause)

Necessary Requirements to Nominate Parish Acreage for Mineral Lease Bids

  1. Formal letter of nomination (requesting the Mineral Office to advertise for bids). Address letter to:
    Plaquemines Parish Government
    Mineral Office
    333 F Edward Hebert Boulevard
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037
  2. $1,000 - Certified, Cashier’s Check or Bank Money Order (Per-Tract) made payable to the order of the Plaquemines Parish Government
  3. Legal Description: Include Lambert Plane Coordinates, Sections, Township/Ranges
  4. Estimate of the total acreage
  5. Certified Plat - Transparency (Scale: Approximately 1 inch to 4,000 feet)

Plaquemines Parish Government ( Mineral Office ) for the Record

Each mineral lease bid received by the Plaquemines Parish Mineral Office will require approval by Ordinance before the Plaquemines Parish Council

State Mineral Board

All Plaquemines Parish Government - Mineral Leases - require approval by the State Mineral Board.

The Parish Council Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month @ at 3 pm.

Call a Council Secretary to verify the time and place of each Council Meeting

  • Council Secretary: Crystal Flood 504-934-6306
  • Council Secretary: Kim Toups 504-934-6307