Parish transportation is only available during a mandatory evacuation. In the event of a mandatory evacuation and you are in need of assistance with evacuating, the Parish will provide transportation.

Once the evacuation has been ordered, the Parish’s Community Action Division and its vans will begin traversing all Plaquemines Parish streets to pick up anyone needing assistance. The entire Parish will be covered and some streets will be swept more than once to ensure that everyone is evacuated. Once residents are picked up, they will be delivered to staging areas, which will be determined prior to a mandatory evacuation order, where you will be registered and then transported out of harm’s way to operational shelters well out of the area. In the event of a hurricane, transports will continue up until 24 hours before landfall.

There will be a map for Parish pick-up locations for residents needing transportation.


If you need transportation, you can call one of the following:

  • Community Action Transit: 504-934-6940
  • Plaquemines Parish Switchboard: 504-934-6000


You will need to bring the following items with you to your evacuation shelter:

  • Bedding items such as sheets, pillows and blankets
  • Bring only what you can carry
  • Games, books or toys that can occupy or calm kids
  • Have enough clothing, medicine, etc for several days
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Those with special dietary needs must bring those foods


Pets are allowed, but must be caged. Make sure you bring enough pet food and other supplies for a few days as you will be responsible for caring for your pet.