Parish Communication Plan

Plaquemines Parish Emergency Notification System

The best way to make sure you stay informed is to make sure you have registered your cell, home phone and email with Plaquemines Parish Emergency Notification System. This system will send a telephone message, text and email to advise you of an emergency situation in the Parish.

Register with the Plaquemines Parish Emergency Notification System


The Plaquemines Parish Emergency Management team is entrusted with the responsibility to protecting the residents and businesses of the Parish during an emergency. We strive to use the latest tools and technologies in communications that provide multiple layers of reliable communications.

In the Event of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, the first place you should turn is local radio or television and the Parish website as the Parish has a specific communications plan that will immediately inform local media of an emergency situation in the Parish.

Plaquemines Parish Alert FM Emergency Notification System

Plaquemines Parish implemented Alert FM as part of its parish-wide notification capabilities. Alert FM will allow the Parish to notify residents and businesses of emergency information via Alert FM receivers - that receive messages using the data subcarrier of local FM radio stations - and a smartphone application for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

To receive public information such as road closures, weather warnings, or post weather instructions, residents and businesses will need to download the Alert FM App on their smartphone device or purchase an Alert FM receiver. Alert FM receivers can be purchased online and the Alert FM App can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.