PPG Operation Department continues to maintain and improve parish infrastructure. The Department oversees solid waste, flood control, levee protection, grass maintenance, and safety. Their duties include ditch-digging, levee inspection, and debris removal, grass mowing, and litter cleanup. See the rest of the services listed below that we provide. 

  1.   Flood Control 

    The Flood Control's main objectives are to operate and maintain the drainage pumping stations, maintain parish levees and roads, and clear and clean ditches, etc.

  2.   Mosquito Control

  3. The Mosquito Control Department follows procedures reducing breeding sites in and around property owners through public education. The results lead to determining safe and efficient mosquito efforts while also providing services which are environmentally safe and efficient.

  4.    Public Right-of-Way Maintenance (PROWM)

    The mission of the PROWM is to strive for the continual improvement of our neighborhoods to provide a safe and livable environment for our residents.

  5.   Recreation

  6. The Recreation Department oversees the parish's youth recreational programs such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. 

  7.    Safety

    Plaquemines Parish Government’s Safety Department is committed to providing a safe working environment, for all of its employees, as well as the general public.

      Solid Waste

    1. The Solid Waste Department performs a weekly curbside collection of garbage and trash throughout the parish.
      1.   Solid Waste North Office 

        The Solid Waste North Department is responsible for the collection of trash and garbage from Ironton north through Belle Chasse and along the East Bank of the Parish.

      2.   Solid Waste South Office

        The Solid Waste South Department is responsible for the collection of garbage and trash from Myrtle Grove to Venice.

  1. 20230209_183825

    Billy Wichers

    Director of Operations

  2. Ashley Butler

    Administrative Assistant

  3. Operations

    Physical Address
    333 F. Edward Hebert Boulevard
    Suite 100
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037

    Fax: 504-934-6329