Emergency Planning for Special Needs Residents


Neither the Plaquemines Parish Government nor the State evacuation shelters are equipped to handle special needs patients, especially those who are bedridden.


Now is the time to prepare if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with conditions needing special medical attention such as insulin therapy, oxygen therapy, dialysis, cardiac drugs/treatment, etc. There are specific actions you need to take now:

  • If you or a loved one resides in a nursing home, note that State law requires all such facilities to have their own evacuation plans. For more information, contact the nursing home and ask about the plan and what arrangements you and your loved ones should make to accommodate the plan.
  • Make plans and arrangements with your private physician, your clinic and your family for treatment during an evacuation. If you have already made these plans, review them with the appropriate people prior to the start of hurricane season to ensure nothing has changed in your evacuation and medical care plan.

State Shelters

Regular State shelters are not equipped to handle evacuees requiring special medical attention. Any Plaquemines Parish resident who is now totally bed bound and may require assistance during an evacuation must contact us now. Persons requesting assistance must currently be a permanent resident of the Parish and currently be living within the boundaries of the Parish. 


You must pre-register now by calling the Plaquemines Parish Health Department at 504-394-3510. Don’t wait until it is time to evacuate.