Emergency Notifications


Communication during any emergency is essential and in some instances, it can be the difference between life and death.

Plaquemines Parish will communicate with its residents and businesses on any and all emergencies. The best way to stay informed is to register your home, cell phone and email with the Parish so that in the event of an emergency, you will be notified immediately via phone, text or email.

Communication Tip

Have a family communication plan so if you are separated from loved ones, you have a pre-established contact person to call and check in. That person should be someone living outside of the disaster area, maybe a family member or friend living in another state. Make sure you have both a landline number as well as that contact person’s cell number. Update yearly and distribute this information to all your family members.

Plaquemines Parish Notification System

Referred to as PPENS, this system is a reverse 911 system that is a valuable asset to all Parish residents and businesses. This system will send a telephone message, text or email to advise you of an emergency situation in the Parish. Up to three home and or mobile telephone numbers can be registered.

PPENS, or Reverse 911 Notification is a free service.

To register go to the Citizen Alert website.

Plaquemines Parish Re-Entry Network

During a mandatory evacuation, no one is allowed to stay in Plaquemines Parish with the exception of emergency responders.

At some point however, businesses will need to reopen in Plaquemines Parish in order for residents to return. For that reason, Plaquemines Parish has established a Re-Entry Network that will allow and encourage certain businesses to return quickly to the Parish once an emergency order has been lifted.

Residents will be alerted by the Parish as to when it is safe to return. One way of making sure you get updated information on re-entry is making sure you have signed up for Emergency Notification Alerts.